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The Libra Centre is a hub for the realisation of the Universal Vision a spiritual based politics.
This is the esoteric arm of the Libra Centre, offering free lessons and a host of esoteric knowledge for the free and rapid expansion of consiousness.
The Clinic in its present form was founded by Edward Gunn, who, having been in practice for many years as a Hypnotherapist and Eft Practitioner, noticed significant rises in the number of both Private and Company referred Clients, who were suffering from Acute Anxiety or Anxiety related problems , such as Alcohol or Drug addiction , Panic attacks , Ptsd ,Ocd etc.. and realised there was a ever growing need for a specialist and dedicated services to help these people, whose lives are being blighted daily by Anxiety and Anxiety related conditions, to achieve solutions and release from their anxiety prison.
Earth Angel Healing Therapist. Andrea runs numerous workshops in a range of healing modalities which carry her unique style and energy, some courses can be found nowhere else. Andrea of course practices what she teaches and therapeutic sessions can be arranged from this site.
Crystal Carol’s Shop. Retail premises in Ashton under Lyne. Carol is well renowned for her knowledge and love of crystals and is a welcome guest at Mind/Body/Spirit shows. This site highlights her shop, an Aladdin Cave for the crystal lover and the very popular workshops she runs from there.
Add your Astrology Data to this online astrology program offering:

  • Arabic Parts.
  • Natal Chart and interpretation.
  • Transit Chart and interpretation.
  • Synastry Chart and interpretation.
  • Progressions Chart.

Check out celebrity charts and compare them to your own. Understand your children and partners better or get a much deeper understanding of your Spiritual Path with the Arabic Parts.

Di Wall, Spiritual Counsellor. Her unique approach to helping clients achieve clarity and focus in their lives has ensured her popularity and repute. She uses Egyptian symbolism to explore the energies which surround all of us and offers clues which she interprets with compassion and clarity.
Jewel Marie Leaf. A very well respected international clairvoyant offering Spiritual Awareness Workshops, she will even travel to you if you have enough people. Individual Tuition available.
EvenDawn. Angelic art work, workshops, healing and channelling. The work of Helen Worthington and the Angelic Realms she connects to.
Melody Workshops, the famous crystal workshop facilitated by Crystal Carol from her shop in Ashton-under-lyne Greater Manchester. Both levels are available and there is an ample supply of crystals to hand.
Understanding life with all its many twists and turns is not the easiest of things to do. This site helps you to understand the greater questions of why we are here and why things happen. It gives views and understandings from people who have ways of looking at the world with unique perspectives, they are not Guru’s needing to be worshipped just people who think about things more deeply by connecting to the shared unconscious, which we all can do if we spend quiet time, and those thoughts are here for your perusal and reflection. They are in no way a complete truth just a personal truth that might make sense to you, to give you thoughts of things that might be helpful in your life to make sense of things that sometimes don’t make sense.
The Centre was established to encourage the awakening of those people who are seeking help and answers to some of Life’s toughest questions.
Some are experiencing the awakening of latent psychic gifts, or seeking to fulfil a deep desire to serve humanity in some capacity. Some are seeking relationships with like minded people. Others are just seeking Enlightenment.
Julie Elizabeth is always sensitive to the energies that surrounds her clients, especially their needs and feelings. Readings are undertaken with compassion and universal love, and she will help guide you on your special journey through life. In addition to attending various Mind Body and Spirit events throughout the country, I also offer one to one readings from my home in Derbyshire. You can contact me via the contacts page, or visit me at anyone of the Mind Body Spirit events I attend.

Other sites of interest:

Ian Wallace Seventh Ray. Medium and Counselor of great repute comes with my personal recommendation. Also offers development classes.

HYPNOTHERAPIST REGISTER – The largest register of Hypnotherapy Practitioners in the UK and Ireland plus Free listing for Hypnotherapists