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I help people to stop smoking in just ONE SESSION.

Q) Can I really stop smoking in one hour?

If such a simple solution to the smoking habit is available then why do so many people who say they sincerely want to stop carry on smoking?

Well in my experience i have found that for 99% of people that the answer always comes down to the same thing FEAR!

FEAR that you’ll never be able to continue your life as a non-smoker completely free or the craving for nicotine!

FEAR that you will put weight on when you stop smoking, or start biting your fingernails instead as a substitute for your damaging smoking habit.

FEAR that you will have to give up the pleasurable crutch that your smoking habit seems to give you and that as a result you may become a lesser person.

FEAR that in order to become a non-smoker you will have to go through some kind of terrible trauma or painful feelings.

FEAR that when you become a non-smoker you may find that you are unable to enjoy life, or able to handle stress.

FEAR of failure in your attempts to become a non-smoker.

All of these examples of FEAR are simply potential symptoms of the one simple reason that until now you have not been able to Stop Smoking and this main reason is yet another FEAR, the FEAR that it will prove to be far to difficult and far too painful when you attempt to stop smoking.

My job is to belay your FEAR’S and show you how easy it is to change your mind about what you think smoking gives you.


Stopping smoking Testimonials
Many many thanks Peter for enabling me to send this email having reached 6 months without smoking. I do not cough anymore, whereas before it was continuous. Gone is the stale tobacco from inside my house and wardrobes. My appetite has improved since I stopped smoking, I tried for years to put weight on but to no avail because of the tobacco intake, I was really underweight, now I am not skinny any more. I don’t feel the need to gorge on cake and chocolates as you pointed out during my hypnosis , I feel so much healthier now and truly believe it has been a life saver for me having been told years ago I had to stop smoking , I tried several times with patches, acupuncture but nothing worked until October 15th 2012 when I had hypnotherapy.
I am 74years old this year and until last year had smoked for 55years so THANK YOU keep up the good work.

Carole Brookes

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          Only £200

(please note if no appointment can be made you will not be charged)

Hypnosis is one of the safest and fastest ways of stopping smoking.

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