An Evening With Peter Wall A Past Life Regressionist



Why not come along to this fascinating, informative, funny, interactive evening.

Where Peter will be talking about the Myths and Misconceptions of Hypnosis.

How and why we choose to visit the lives we may have had before this one.

Peter will be asking for a few volunteers to experience their Past Lives using his unique technique of relaxation

Doors open 7pm Show starts 7.30pm and finishes approx. 10pm

Comments from previous shows:-

I’d like to take this opportunity to ‘Thank you’ for a wonderful evening at the Folk Hall. also the experience I had. It really was mind blowing . I’ve always felt I’ve lived a past life before, but what I encountered on the night, well .. I really didn’t expect that. It was quite mind blowing.
To be honest it has taken me aback.
I was totally impressed and enjoyed your evening. I will be in touch in the near future with reference a appointment.

Hello peter.
Hope you and Di are well, I thought I would just drop you a note to say thanks for an interesting night;
( Cawthorne village hall 18 . 05 . 10 )
Since then I have done a little bit of looking around on the internet, fascinating stuff !
I’ve been looking at the origins of names , Gary derived from the german GAR ,or GER, meaning spear, how spooky is that, and I suddenly had a name pop into my head the other day, one I, or Janet, my wife, had never heard before ” Sarmatia”
A little bit of research on the Google and it turns out to be an area of land that ran from Iran to the Danube in Germany!
Anyway its certainly given me something to think about, again thanks for a great night, look forward to the next one.
All the best
Gary (Tai-Chi )

If you would like Peter to hold an event near you then please get in touch.

Peter also hosts Past Life Regression house parties for further details just give him a call 07973735611


Upcoming Lectures and Talks. TBC

Please call Peter On 01226 387641 for further information.