Some of the many comments received about Hypno-Band

Hello Peter,

I Just wanted to say thank you for your help over the last four weeks you changed my attitude to food and how to successfully try and reduce stress and subsequent eating because of stress.

I was able to break the cycle, you have given me confidence in my ability to lose weight.

The way your programme works by laying back to relax and listen to your voice in person and on the disc is really helpful.

I can recommend this Hypno-band programme to anyone who is in my situation.

It has been a success because you have given me the tools to control my thoughts and to turn around my chocolate, cake and biscuits cravings.

17 pounds in four weeks is a great result I definitely know I’m going to achieve my target weight.

Thanks for your positive encouragement.



Hi Peter,
Just wanted to say thanks for your help getting me started with what is already proving to be a fantastically successful dieting regime!!
I have “yo-yo” dieted for the last 35 – 40 years and had lost all confidence in my ability to lose weight – that is until I sought your help! The way your program has instilled in me that I can loose weight is brilliant and so easy. Just sit back, relax and listen to your voice/disc and the weight just falls away! I can recommend it to anyone in my situation.
I’ll keep coming to see you for weight checks and support, and I know I’m going to achieve my target weight!!!
Many thanks for your encouragement,


Dear Peter I would just like to say a big thank you I have lost more weight but the good news is I have achieved my goal and I am now a expecting mummy thank you ever so much for this gift because if it weren’t for you helping me with my weight loss I would never had the chance do be the mother I want to be again thank you so much
Your sincerely
Laura Whittaker


“After a lifetime of dieting and battling with my food demons I contacted Peter Wall for the Hypnoband Therapy. The ‘treatment’ is very realistic and thought-provoking, planting the seed of truth in your mind and making you question every mouth full. Even now, months later, my mind is still questioning my food intake (the secret of course is to listen to it and do as it says!) It seems that this Hypnoband Therapy is now popping up all over the place, so why should you choose Peter? You should choose him because he is not in it to make some quick cash, he genuinely cares that you should lose your excess weight and live the life you want for yourself. He is a warm, caring and funny man who will always put you at your ease and motivate you no matter how low you are feeling at the time. He has a patience and understanding that isn’t always shown by others and he will work with you for as long as you need him to. At last, someone who wants for you what you want for yourself. I would definitely recommend his hypnotherapy to you, whether it is for weight loss or for anything else you require. I know now that it’s up to me – only I can change my life. But I now have someone who can help me to do it”

Anyway, I will definitely be seeing you again I’m sure. And I will probably come for a top-up session or even a few.

Thanks again for all your help and kindness
Sue Spencer


HI Peter,
Well it was my last session of hypno band yesterday and i have lost another pound since my final session of having the band tightened. I’m sorry if i babble on, but i wanted to let you know what i got out of the experience. Plus i wanted to give my account on the sessions so people have an idea what to expect…..I was very sceptical at first as i was totally stuck in a rut not just with dieting, but life in general. Eating and drinking too much and basically not looking after myself and low self asteem. Although i didn’t tell you this Peter (sorry!) i was on anti depressants as i had been left by my husband when my son was just 4 months old, by the second week of hypnotherapy i was already feeling so much happier with life in general i have now managed to decrease the dosage to a minimum and am hoping to be completly off them by christmas!!!After the first session, which makes you really change the way you think about food and not eating for the sake of it. Just because the clock says dinner time, what is the point in forcing food down if you aren’t actually that hungry. This is the hardest obstical to overcome; as we train ourselves that we should eat at certain times of the day when we actually dont need to. Also filling your plate to capacity and not wanting to leave anything; something our parents drill into us. I also found i started craving more healthy food, drinking more water and going to decaf. Also giving up my beloved pints of lager & lime at the pub and substituting the with vodka lime and soda or just not even bothered about the alcohol as much! Which is a huge calorie intake. I lost 4 llb in my first week!!The second session was all about meeting the surgeon and what the ‘operation’ entailed, you even get to watch a video so you can imagine what you are having done. The third week is the actual operation and i was quite nervous as i had already lost 6llbs by now and wondered how this would effect me, but as always i felt relaxed when i arrived and Peter talked me through it and left feeling more positive than ever.You then have a week off and i felt nervous that i wouldnt continue to loose the weight, but the cd’s Peter gave me to listened to at home continued the therapy. The final week like i said before you decide wether or not to have the band tightened to loose more weight, with only 4 llbs to go before i reached my target weight, i said go on, so i am hoping to reach my goal in the next few weeks.

I may not have had loads of weight to loose, but i have never been able to get down to the weight i am hopefully going to be so thanks Peter!!!

Hypno band is not a miracle cure you must be comitted to losing the weight and totally retrain your mind as with any diet. I have lost 11llbs in 4 weeks, which some people may say that’s not much, but if you look at it as Peter does and hands you bags of sugar to hold you realise just how much it is!

Any way i think i have gone on enough, i hope this helps someone else in deciding wether or not to go for it, if you do good luck
Many Thanks Peter,
Louise x


Hi Peter
Just a note to say how pleased I was yesterday. I didn’t think I could lose weight so quickly and although I have a long way to go getting rid of the first 16lbs in five weeks has really boosted my confidence. I KNOW I can lose the rest (another 6 stones) with this system.
I’m so pleased I found you.


Hi Peter
Despite being slightly dubious at first, I am really pleased I decided to go ahead with the Hypnoband, it has helped me a lot with motivation, will power, eating a lot less and enabling me to stop eating when I am full. I am feeling very positive about losing the rest of my unwanted weight to reach my target. I would definitely recommend the Hypnoband to others.
Thanks again


Hi Peter
Just wanted to let others know about the Hypnoband. I have to say I was a little sceptical at first but am now converted.For others considering this method of loosing weight I’d like to say – go for it! Peter explains everything that is going to happen, puts you at your ease and gives you the confidence to do it. He doesn’t allow negative thinking.I’m so glad I began this, I have been overweight for years and now find myself needing knee replacements. My surgeon said I couldn’t loose the 5 stone needed and that I should go and buy a mobility scooter. But I shall prove him wrong. I have only just started but have so far lost 11 lbs, Peter has given me the confidence, techniques and tools to do this.I would definitely recommend this method of losing weight.
June Walker


Hi Peter,
I would just like to say thank you for you treatment with hypnoband. In three months I have lost nearly 3 stone. I now eat less,and my
cravings for chocolate and unhealthy foods are no more.I would not hesitate to recommend this safe treatment to anyone. thanks again
Nigel .


Hi Peter
I promised you an email and here it is.
I think the HypnoBand is excellent and makes losing weight easy. Albeit small amounts of 2-3lbs per week you do not realise you are doing it and then it is a fantastic surprise when you get weighed.
Thank you very much
Diane Turner


Just a line or two to let you know how things are. Well you have totally turned my life around! You have lifted me back up to my old self.
The weight is coming off slowly – a dress size dropped but as you said it didn’t happen over night. So thanks again you changed my life for the better.
Suzanne Senior – Hypno Band Client


I write to express my sincere thanks for the kind assistance you gave in helping me to loose weight. As you know, I was able to keep to my target weight loss of 2lb per week, which I am really pleased about. However, more importantly my attitude towards food and eating generally has changed i.e. I now only eat when I’m hungry and I eat much smaller and healthier meals – and all of this achieved without the gult and negativity of the more usual approaches to dieting.

The gastro band therapy has certainly worked for me and the benefits will be far reaching for my general health and well-being.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavours to help others.
With best wishes


Well here I am having a go with the e-mail!!!
A big thankyou for your help with the hypno band. A good and positive start I reckon and will keep in touch as to my progress.You have helped me get into the race and I will finish even the tortoise got there in the end didnt he !!!
Take care Peter and a Big Thank you


Hi Peter,
Just a few lines to say thank you for all your help. As a doubter I decided to give hypnoband a go and I’m very pleased I did. After the 4 sessions with yourself I’d lost a total of 23lbs and its still coming off steadily. And people that don’t see me every day have noticed and said that they can really tell.
Thank you again for everything


I would like to thank you for helping me lose weight with the Hypno band. It is 6 weeks now since I last came to see you and I am delighted to tell you that the weight is still coming off. All of my friends are now beginning to notice and I have dropped 2 dress sizes. I have not been weighed since I last saw you but I can tell myself now. I am still playing your CDs but they are still sending me to sleep. I haven’t touched a sweet or cake since the first time I came to see you and to be honest I never think about them.
Once again Thank you so very much for your help and encouragement
A.D. Barnsley


Hi Peter,
As promised just thought i’d let you know how my weight loss was going, after having a bit of a bad start. It has been 9 weeks since my first session,and i hope you will be pleased that so far i have lost 1 stone 10lbs. i’m over the moon, im feeling really good on myself and my confidence is coming back. I will keep you up to date on my progress..
Michelle Taylor


Since visiting your clinic for gastric band hypnotherapy I have lost 16lbs. I feel so healthy and I am eating really sensibly. I have another stone to lose to get to my goal weight.
Before I came to you I had tried slimming pills, slimming clubs and all diets. I know they work for some but not for me
Thanks Again Linda


Hi Peter. As promised, although a little late as I’ve been without a computer! I just want to say a great big thank you for all you’ve done. My weight loss is going really well and people have started to notice and are commenting on how much I’ve lost. When I was last with you in November I had lost 21lbs and I can now say that I am a few pounds off 3 stone. feel so much better in myself and without your help I wouldn’t have been able to do it. I’ve been to slimming clubs but never been able to lose this much weight so quickly. I’m going on holiday in June and I hope I can get to my target weight of another 2 stone off.
Once again thank you
Mrs Barker – South Yorkshire